Phew Geometry ‘Area’ to Figure Out Circumference

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The Actual Circular Area is Pi. But this area method is to figure out the area by the ratio of circular area : square = 0.7928932 : 1

I. SINE AREA πŸ‘‰ The Line X-Y goes 45Β° i.e. X’-Y’ that gives an area of A + B = 0.7071068

II. TANGENT AREA πŸ‘‰ The line Y – Z goes up as far as the same 1-cos45 AKA 1Γ— 0.2928932. Because of the seized curved area, it only get the area D & C AKA 0.06066 + 0.0857864 = 0.1464464


III. The the B area gets returned to the D area. This caused the Tangent area becomes only C πŸ‘‰ 0.2928932^2 = 0.0857864

FINAL AREA = 0.7071068 + 0.0857864 = 0.7928932 😎

Surely this Phew geometry doesn’t fit series maths AKA Trigonometry AKA Euler Identity.

So far it fits experiments.

Which one is true? Pi or Phew??

You decide 😎

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