Indonesian Idol

Tiara, one of the candidates singing Whitney Houston’s song: “One Moment in Time”.
A bit risky to sing a legend’s song. But Tiara was not bad at all. The audience still enjoyed her performance with standing ovation.
The same was for Claudia when singing Whitney’s “I Have Nothing” in The Voice of Germany.

Both are very young singers and still have a chance to improve their singings to be as perfect as possible.

For Claudia, I prefer her singing “Never Enough”.

Good singing is when there is ‘spirit’ in it. The voice is able to penetrate the strings of heart.

The nice thing watching a singing competitions is: the ‘goosebumping’ by a few highly talented singers such as Tiara and Claudia. 👌

God Bless Germany

Singers Battle between Indonesia vs The Philippines is always amazing.

Enjoy 👏👏👏

By the way, Claudia won The 2019’s The Voice of Germany.

It’s suprising. There is honesty there!
German people and juries..
you’re the Real Champion!

Play The Number Game with Phew~



Pressing as far as corner diagonal AKA 0.414213 on 2 radiuses will result 2 r – 0.4142136 = 1.5857864. Each radius will be substracted with 0.5 × 0.4142136 = 0.2071068 >> 1 – 0.2071068 = 0.7928932


Tan45 line AKA r=1 gets draged and substracted to be inner base line = 0.7653668 will give:

1. Line substraction = tan45 – inner base line = 1 – 0.7653668 = 0.2346332.

2. Sin45 line will get longer as far as inner base line – tan45 = 0.7653668 – 0.7071068 = 0.05826.

Final substraction = 0.2346332 + 0.05826 = 0.2346332 = 0.2928932

If squared, it will be 0.2928932^2 = 0.0857864 AKA corner square

Sin45 is unchanged and if it’s added with the corner square there will be Phew’s 45° arc length >> 0.7071068 + 0.0857864 = 0.7928932 ✌