He says Jakarta is like New York

Really? I never went to New York, but I believe New York is definitely full of skycrappers.

As to Jakarta, there are many new buildings as the country has been developing quite fast.

After the current president, Mr. Jokowi, became governor of Jakarta in 2012, the messed up Jakarta began to transform to be a cozy town.

Jakarta’s Style of Joke

As far as I know, the jokes by some (not all) Jakarta’s comedians are indicated with disconnection to logic in order to give such an ultimate ‘punch’ with crazy way. Such a genre of joke rules. Melaney Ricardo’s jokes are typical Jakarta’s

Say, if in daily coversation somebody tells something related to a place e.g. “I studied in ITB University”, perhaps by the right context, one will say “Do you know Mr. A?” (whose job is a lecturer)

Then such a normal conversation gets transformed by Melaney into humor zone.

(After Haruka replied about her birthday)

“Ow.. Haruka, you’re an aquarian then.. Do you know Rinaldi? (Rinaldi is a random unknown name) He’s also an aquarian”

(heeyyy aquarians are many!!!) 😂

Haruka is the Moodbooster

She most fits to joke around with Sule and the gang in Net TV’s Ini Talk Show program.

Baits are responded quickly and smoothly by both comedians.

Sule is the prominent comedian with fast thinking quality and surprising jokes.

But I believe most Youtube subscribers click their videos when Haruka’s name appears on the title.

The Japanese comedian presents herself as a “naive, innocent personality”, but her remarks are frequently sharp and “ignoring the norms”.

We never found typical comedians like Haruka. Perhaps she brings Japanese style of joke here.

Anybody can imitate Haruka, but only Haruka can do the job with such a most optimum performance.

Regardless any contract scheme, Haruka deserves adsense shares. 🤔

Jokes on Twitter

@PEMBIMBINGUTAMA / BAMBANG WIDODO is a Twitter account, whose special parts are:

  1. The admin only gives reply baits and they only deal with nothing but “small talks” (even though the admin is actually a lecturer)~
  2. Using capslock for the typing to give funny impression.
  3. The replies matters, coz they’re entertaining.



Chosen Replies:

“In my analyse, that’s because the rain water hasn’t fallen to your house, sir”

“If it has happened for three years, just expect for a doomsday”. He replied:”but a few days ago it rained”, the replier: “if so, that means the rain is being tiresome”

“you should drag your house then”

“you shouldn’t be in your house, isn’t the rain outside your house?”

“perhaps your house hasn’t got registered (for accepting the rain)”

“perhaps there is an undercovered rain shaman in your house”

Korean Youtuber Accepts Typical Humor in Warung (Humble Restaurant) Anywhere

When he, Jongdae AKA Bandung Oppa, came for the first time to a warung for having a meal, the attendant usually ask: “Where are you from?” He replies: “I’m from Korea”. And then the attendant will say: “Are you the little brother of Lee Min Ho’s?”. Yes, it sounds the typical humor in Bandung city.

He found this situation with the same question and the same teasing by the attendant in different warungs. 😂 Dunno if it’s also funny in your culture 😀

Humor has become common stuff for common people here.

Jongdae AKA Bandung Oppa
Lee Min Ho (Korean singer, actor, and model)

Long Before Tiktok, Marshanda Used to Get Called “Crazy”

She is a prominent actrees since she was teenager, also a singer. She initially was known as an “innocent” figure.

Till one day, she had some kind of “mental deviation” and uploaded a video in which she protested against those who hurt her. It’s 11 years ago.

And then she suddenly changed to be a new Marshanda that is more philosopic, and her thoughts seem to be above the average.

(no accusation, only an illustration of possibility) 👇

In case Tiktok stealthily took the idea from her act, and so far no royalty given to her, this may not a violation of law, yet, it’s violation of natural law.

And you know what? The sentence by natural law is much more severe than the sentece by human law.

“Tiktok goes global. Marshanda:”I once uploaded a video of singing while dancing, and got called crazy”

Japanese Comedians Firstly Thought Japanese Comedy is The Funniest in The World, Till They Met Sule and Andre

I frequently amazed with other nations’ cultures and habits that Indonesians need to learn. They’re so adorable.

But in this blog, my concern is to forwards good things from Indonesia. (Bad things? Many and I don’t wanna spread bad vibes to you) :V

In “Genki Banget!” Youtube channel, two Japanese comedians (performing their career in Indonesia) analyse the comedy technic by two prominent Indonesian comedians: Sule and Andre, till they conclude: Indonesian comedy is “more sophisticated than Japanese Comedy”.

Sule is a maestro of comedy with a long time career, and Andre is an ex-singer that also has a fine sense of humor. He is more than eligible to go duet with Sule.

President Joko Widodo AKA Jokowi once suggested foreigners to learn Indonesian language in order, among others, to enjoy Indonesian amusements/jokes.

And I think ‘street comedians’ in Twitter are not less funny. Common people with humor quality.

Sule (left) and Andre (right)