Funny Stuff from Twitter

“O Allah I wanna have boyfriend, may I date?”
The right religious singing means an amount of money. This girl pretends to pronounce wrongly in order to tease the ustad (religious teacher). “It’s nice to copy what my mom did.” says the girl
the heroes are the chaos makers~
Guy: “O Allah I want money, wanna be rich”,
Little boy: “wanna f*ck”

This Little Girl Teases The Ustadz (religious teacher)

The ustadz is willing to give an amount of money on the condition: she can correctly recite a praise song to Allah (SWT)

She made a mistake when reciting it, and then the ustadz corrected her with the right words, but she pretended by wrongly reciting it a few times, till finally she made it.

And then she said: “It was nice to copy what my mom used to do”.

Yeah, her mom is a teaser too. 😂

Soekarno, the First President of Indonesia

He was the central figure of Indonesian fighters for Indonesia’s independence in the year 1945 from the Dutch colonialism. Afterwards he was also the central figure of the struggle to independence for a number of Asian and African countries — mostly by diplomatic efforts.

He himself was used with jails: from 20s years old to passing away.. Before independence: real jails, after independence: celebrital jail. He was too popular for the people of Indonesia, and still remembered till nowadays in overseas, especially Asian and African countries, also (ex)communist countries.

President Soekarno visits Japan in 1959, 1963 and 1964

(Local) Tourists Complained about Overprice of Pecel Lele: What Did The Local Government do?

In Yogyakarta, such a fish food usually has the reasonable price as much as other foods. Moreover for tourists, who regard it quite cheap for their fat wallet.

In Tiktok, one of the tourists posted her viral bad experience over the food price in Malioboro, which is one of the symbols of Yogyakarta.

And then the food association as well as the local government warns: If that was really the case, the seller will be banned in Malioboro.

Gee this case reminds me of western countries, whose governments are care of the people by implementing a strict policy against any party that practice a violence of law.

Meanwhile, there is still homework to remove the price discrimination between local tourists and foreign tourists in certain tourism destinations (not all of course).

Foreign tourists might not see the price discrimination as a problem by financial reasons. Their currencies mostly are much powerful to deal with local prices, even for its most expensive ones.

But psychologically, it’s another story.

At last, common people taking role as ‘netizens’ in social medias can be the significant factor for change, to make everything become better and better. They are the true people’s representatives that voice people’s aspirations, without formal status, without salary.