Dutch Guy Parodying Indonesian Habits

It’s performed with exaggeration. But as an entertainment, it truly succeeds ~

It’s likely for Indonesians, foreigners as a comedian have more chance to be funnier even than prominent local comedians.

Due to their way of thinking, accent, original character and culture or whatever, they look funnier.

Asking “are you married?”, “how old are you?”, “where do you live?”, “do you go to college or work?”, “how much is your salary?”, “do you have children?”, sleeping anywhere, crossing the road ‘without manner’, dumping a trash anywhere, eating with hand etc.

Anyway, this Dutch guy is not purely Dutch. One of his ancestor was Indonesian.

YouTubers Go Interviewing Street Models in Citayam Fashion Week Site

Boy: “What’s your dream guy like?”

Girl: “A guy with hat, oversized t-shirt and bag”

Boy: “I have a friend with that criteria, hey boy come here”

(a boy shows up)

Girl: “Oh no (he is) still like jamet”


jamet = jajal metal = trying to look like metal band guys but failed. @#;-“(/-?*

A Story of Russian Flag at Bromo

On 2018’s tourism survey by Travel and Leisure website, it concludes that Bali island became the 2nd best island on earth, while Lombok island the 3rd. Then what’s the 1st rank island? Java Island.

Java & Lombok can go after a number famous islands, it is surprising.

Even not many people know Java, especially, as a tourist destination. But that’s the respondents opinion. Respondents that are also, perhaps, experienced tourists.

After all, there are so many variety of tourism in Java Island.

Why not the famous Bali to get the 1st rank?

Bali is great of course. But Java’s territory is much wider than Bali. However, both share the same characteristic

Google Lens translation:

crater of Bromo
you can view sunrise or sunset at Bromo