Lathi Challenge: Maestro vs Millennialists

Didik Nini Thowok is a maestro of traditional art. 👇

Millennialists (or younger generation) 👇

Who wins?
You decide.
At least those young generation ain’t embarrassing in creativity before the maestro.
Today’s young generation is really amazing!
It’s likely we all have entered an era when knowledge becomes multiplied as stated in holy books.

Flatearthly trending on Youtube, here is the original Lathi by Weird Genius 👇

And… Even Weird Genius members didn’t know WHO put that Lathi billboard in New York. 🙂


Your Sunrise Queue is Wrong :D

Let’s go to the next Equinox in September 21st, 2020

Hong Kong: 114° E

Jakarta: 106° E

Vientiane: 102° E



Jakarta 5:42 AM

Vientiane 5:58 AM

Hong Kong 6:11 AM

Globe model requires the earlier sunrise time is for the bigger longitude place, so the sunrise queue is: 👇
HONG KONG (114° E) – JAKARTA (106° E) – VIENTIANE (102° E)

The ***REALITY*** is…. 👇

JAKARTA (5:42 AM) – VIENTIANE (5:58) – HONG KONG (6:11)

The queue of Jakarta and Viantiane sunrises fit to the globe model, but not for Hong Kong sunrise as it is ‘delayed’. Hong Kong is supposed to be the earliest in seeing the sunrise among these three towns. In fact Hong Kong is the last in seeing sunrise.



Gravity theory is being dying. When it is already figured out as a false theory, then ALL celestial bodies will be regarded as INDEPENDENT SPACE VEHICLES. This stuff will totally change human’s perspective about the universe. There are COUNTLESS INHABITANTS up there.

How gravity dies?

If bigbang had started from a point and then the materials went to all directions… so the sun, moon, stars and planets system would have not exist.

No force -including gravity- could create such celestial bodies system. If there were gravity, the planets would have hit the sun since a ling time ago. This confirms that gravity doesn’t exist. There is no indication of such force. So doesn’t bigbang as the supposedly ‘first cause’.

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