Jakarta: Sun Comes from Above The Horizon

Jakarta, Indonesia on June 18st, 2020.
In sunrives (sun arrives) AKA ‘sunrise’, the sunlight NEVER touches the horizon.
IOW the sun comes from above the horizon AKA earth surface.

So far I never saw the horizon being ‘clear’.

Here is a video from 2018 with the same dark space above the horizon


Gravity theory is being dying. When it is already figured out as a false theory, then ALL celestial bodies will be regarded as INDEPENDENT SPACE VEHICLES. This stuff will totally change human’s perspective about the universe. There are COUNTLESS INHABITANTS up there.

How gravity dies?

If bigbang had started from a point and then the materials went to all directions… so the sun, moon, stars and planets system would have not exist.

No force -including gravity- could create such celestial bodies system. If there were gravity, the planets would have hit the sun since a ling time ago. This confirms that gravity doesn’t exist. There is no indication of such force. So doesn’t bigbang as the supposedly ‘first cause’.

images - 2020-05-16T212421.361

Meteor Shower are Spacecrafts That Turn on its Lamps Temporarily

While in the darkness, the lamp is on, the tail can be visible because the tail is logically a waste gas that has somekind of dustlike. They’re similar to chemtrail planes.

Sometimes a ‘meteor’ goes curved. There must be navigation system then. It cannot be a natural thing.

Ancient people named certain celestial bodies with a person’s names. Perhaps the pilot of, say, a comet, or its owner?