Jakarta’s Style of Joke

As far as I know, the jokes by some (not all) Jakarta’s comedians are indicated with disconnection to logic in order to give such an ultimate ‘punch’ with crazy way. Such a genre of joke rules. Melaney Ricardo’s jokes are typical Jakarta’s

Say, if in daily coversation somebody tells something related to a place e.g. “I studied in ITB University”, perhaps by the right context, one will say “Do you know Mr. A?” (whose job is a lecturer)

Then such a normal conversation gets transformed by Melaney into humor zone.

(After Haruka replied about her birthday)

“Ow.. Haruka, you’re an aquarian then.. Do you know Rinaldi? (Rinaldi is a random unknown name) He’s also an aquarian”

(heeyyy aquarians are many!!!) 😂

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