Long Before Tiktok, Marshanda Used to Get Called “Crazy”

She is a prominent actrees since she was teenager, also a singer. She initially was known as an “innocent” figure.

Till one day, she had some kind of “mental deviation” and uploaded a video in which she protested against those who hurt her. It’s 11 years ago.

And then she suddenly changed to be a new Marshanda that is more philosopic, and her thoughts seem to be above the average.

(no accusation, only an illustration of possibility) 👇

In case Tiktok stealthily took the idea from her act, and so far no royalty given to her, this may not a violation of law, yet, it’s violation of natural law.

And you know what? The sentence by natural law is much more severe than the sentece by human law.

“Tiktok goes global. Marshanda:”I once uploaded a video of singing while dancing, and got called crazy”

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