Japanese Comedians Firstly Thought Japanese Comedy is The Funniest in The World, Till They Met Sule and Andre

I frequently amazed with other nations’ cultures and habits that Indonesians need to learn. They’re so adorable.

But in this blog, my concern is to forwards good things from Indonesia. (Bad things? Many and I don’t wanna spread bad vibes to you) :V

In “Genki Banget!” Youtube channel, two Japanese comedians (performing their career in Indonesia) analyse the comedy technic by two prominent Indonesian comedians: Sule and Andre, till they conclude: Indonesian comedy is “more sophisticated than Japanese Comedy”.

Sule is a maestro of comedy with a long time career, and Andre is an ex-singer that also has a fine sense of humor. He is more than eligible to go duet with Sule.

President Joko Widodo AKA Jokowi once suggested foreigners to learn Indonesian language in order, among others, to enjoy Indonesian amusements/jokes.

And I think ‘street comedians’ in Twitter are not less funny. Common people with humor quality.

Sule (left) and Andre (right)

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