Your Sunrise Queue is Wrong :D

Let’s go to the next Equinox in September 21st, 2020

Hong Kong: 114° E

Jakarta: 106° E

Vientiane: 102° E



Jakarta 5:42 AM

Vientiane 5:58 AM

Hong Kong 6:11 AM

Globe model requires the earlier sunrise time is for the bigger longitude place, so the sunrise queue is: 👇
HONG KONG (114° E) – JAKARTA (106° E) – VIENTIANE (102° E)

The ***REALITY*** is…. 👇

JAKARTA (5:42 AM) – VIENTIANE (5:58) – HONG KONG (6:11)

The queue of Jakarta and Viantiane sunrises fit to the globe model, but not for Hong Kong sunrise as it is ‘delayed’. Hong Kong is supposed to be the earliest in seeing the sunrise among these three towns. In fact Hong Kong is the last in seeing sunrise.


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