Experiment of 90° to Figure Out an Arc Length


Xo Line is dragged vertically till the angle comes to 45° AKA X4 which means the counted arc equals 90° long.

Horizontally the sine pointer will shift from 0° to 90° at most which means the distance gained equals Sin90=1.

While circlely the additional gain will be 0.58578.

Total length AKA 90°arc will be Sin90 gain + additional gain = 1 + 0.58578 = 1.58578 AKA Phew/2.

So the initial length i.e. X axis and Y axis which equals 1+1=2, becames substracted as far as 0.41422.

This is Phew approach to figure out the circle’s arc as well as circumference.

It takes the real numbers from real circle diagram.

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