Wrong Common Sense of Circumference

When 360° accumulation of straight lines is regarded as the circumference, the consequences are: You’ll get the right circular area, BUT unfortunately you’ll get the wrong circumference:


The points:
Examine the tiny angles, you’ll find the difference between pi’s arc and the ‘neck’ doesn’t make sense.
Example: angle=1°, r=10000 >> on the inner limit of 170s meters, how come the difference between inner the limit and the arc as far as 2.2 millimeters can lift up a neck as high as 38 centimeters?? Impossible.

How ever, for circular area, series approach will give you the value of pi by figuring out between the inner limit and outer limit.

But for circumference, there will be additional length from 2pi.r.
My proposition is 3.17157. Some mathematicians lately mentioned 3.16 something.

Let’s see which one is correct. Time will tell.

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