Never Before Education Discourse Becomes Very Interesting

A huge credit for president Jokowi, besides choosing millenial generation for all his special staff, he also chose minister of education from millenial generation: Nadiem Makarim, CEO of the fenomenal GOJEK. Nadiem currently stuns many people with his breakthroughs.

He said:

True leaders need
– Creativity
– Collaboration
– Critical Thinking
– Computation Ability
– Compassion

What is new are among others:
– Serving attitude to their subordinates/students.
– Encouraging the questioning about everything among students or opinion exchange in class between teachers and students etc. etc.

So… even since the beginning the lesson is ‘diagnosed’ by the students whether it’s logical or not.


Let’s see the final result.

(So sorry if this video uses Bahasa Indonesia)

I posted here because my Twitter account is being restricted by Twitter management. Multiple effort have been done, but still failed to unlock the account. Dunno how’s next for the account.

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