“Sunrives” [Sun Arrives] not “Sunrise”

The sun’s altitude is higher than the cloud’s altitude. That’s why the underneath of the clouds look DARK. It’s “Sunrives” [Sun Arrives] not “Sunrise”. You can find this phenomenon everyday. #FlatEarth 9d00e0f0e0bfe2a776894f1c7cac4ab5

IF the rare picture below is claimed for the favor of the globe model…
it might be:
1. Photoshoped. Case closed. Flat earth wins.
2. It’s real. The possible explanation is:
There is a reflection of sunray onto the upper part of certain cloud between the mountain and the sun. On the condition: this upper part surface of the cloud is free from too much cloud’s fog so that the GLASS solid body within the cloud will reflect the sunray with significant amount of sunray so as to make the shadow of the mountain will be projected to underneath of certain clouds.

People may question about “glass solid body within the cloud” is it just trolling or serious?

Of course it’s serious. 😉

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