D.U.D. : “Downwards Universal Deceleration”, A Better Version of Universal Acceleration

Better version of Universal Acceleration i.e.: D.U.D.: “Downwards Universal Deceleration” : Everthing goes downwards by velocity, except the earth, which goes -also downwards- by deceleration. By assuming the far objects on horizon have light (reflection) to all direction as much as a sun does, Earth’s downwards move makes the horizon appears to be higher than shore level — besides the distant seawaves have higher level.

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D.U.D. is the next stage of Universal Acceleration (U.A.) 👈 which possibly was the case before D.U.D. period.
D.U.D. requires a space with air or fog that by default gives contant deceleration naturally.
UA is good, but it has flaws.

D.U.D. repairs U.A. model to give better logical explanations.

Ancient reports say that Milky Ways was a cracked dome. (And don’t easily underestimate about so called “ancient reports”. Our past was much more sophisticated than today’s civilization).

If the cracked dome was the case, it’s because of the extreme high speed of the earth which goes 9.81 m/s^2 under Universal Acceleration reality. There was a growing pressure against the dome till it cracked.

If the cracked dome is still under control till today, it’s because the U.A. period stopped and the earth twist 180° to became D.U.D.

U.A. requires “engine” to keep the earth in acceleration state. And when D.U.D. started, the engine deactivated. So without engine, D.U.D. can take over U.A.’s job to give a kind of “gravity” effect. D.U.D. works naturally by the help of air-like matters (smoke, fog or such) beyond our ‘space ship’ body.

We have yet no idea about the current speed of the decelerated earth. At least, D.U.D. gives constant water pressure against the dome — not increased pressure as occured in U.A. period which made the dome cracked.

images (15)

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