Pi vs Phew in 1D: After Previous 15° Test, NOW >> 7.5° Test

Pi’s teritory is circular area (2D).

Phew’s territory is circumference (1D).

Let’s examine 1D stuff in which Phew rules.


Scale of Radius = 1×100 Cm = 100 Cm AKA 1 Meter

Base Line = 13.0806 Cm

Pi’s arc = 13.0899 Cm

Phew’s Arc = 13.2149 Cm

Neck = 0.2141 Cm

Even worse for Pi:

The difference of Pi’s arc  vs Base Line =

13.0899 Cm – 13.0806 Cm = 0.0093 Cm AKA 0.093 Milimeter.

It even does not touch 1/10 Millimeter.

The question is: If 7.5° Pi’s arc was correct, -after getting bent or pressed with 0.0093 Milimeter displacement- it would be able to lift a neck of 0.2141 Cm as required by a perfect 7.5° of arc.

Can the difference 0.093 Milimeter ‘produce’ a neck of 0.2141 Cm??

No one can imagine it would happen.

What about Phew?

Its arc equals 13.2149 Cm and the difference with the base line equals 13.2149 Cm – 13.0806 Cm =  0.13426 Cm.

Does it make sense that the difference 0.13426 Cm (between Phew’s 7.5 Cm arc and the Base Line) can create a neck of 0.2141 Cm?

Why not? 🙂

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