Figuring Out the Direction between Two Places on PHEW FE Map

This effort requires a RESET of Phew’s curved grids to be like AE FE map’s grids.

There is gonna be absolutely new latitudes and longitudes for any places on earth.

Because at so many cases the existing globe’s longitude and latitude grids are not compatible to figure out a specific direction from certain position. Grids don’t reflect the exact lining up between a place, ‘north pole’ (North Star) and south pole. Equinox realities suggest that solar noon does not precisely occur at 12.00 AM. Solar noon is delayed about 15 minutes.

This reality indicates that longitudes have been given to the wrong places.

In short, grids should be defined, or got in order first before figuring out directions from any place with high precision and efficient.

After everything is served, the steps for figuring out a place’s direction, is as follows (which is a piece of cake) :

1. Define the two radiuses. 1st radius is between South Pole & the departure place, 2nd radius is between South Pole & the destination place.

For places on northern hemiplane:

(nR = Radius for northern hemiplane places. sR = Radius for southern hemiplane places).

nR = (90+lat)/90

For places on southern hemiplane:

sR = (90-lat)/90


2. Define the angle.

Angle = Longitude1 – Longitude2


3. Draw a line between the two positions.


4. Put protactor’s center point at the departure place while its 0° indicator leads to the north direction, and then define the angle between both places.


For eastwards journey:

Azimuthal Direction = 0° + angle of both places.

For westwards journey:

Azimuthal Direction = 360° – angle of both places.




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