Pi Rules in Spherical Area, Phew Rules in Circumference

20181008_141214.jpgIt’s the old propisition about Spherical Area and its sub areas.

Things bothering my eyes are, especially, the two blue areas, the two yelow areas and the two green areas. (Basically all of them are incorrect).

They’re not identical twins.

Phew’s 3.17157 size is a bit bigger, while Pi’s 3.14159 size fits the circlular reality.

Phew area old assumption is incorrect. While Pi area/sub areas really apply in this diagram. It is proposional by sight, and accurate by (series) calculation.

However, for 1D, Phew evidence is extremely clear. With the right tools, i.e. a paper tape & a cylinder, it’s extremely hard to meet Pi. The measurement results support Phew more. 2×Pi is a bit shorter for an actual circumference.

Not guarantee, even not the case that C : A = 2 : 1. (Regardless both dimensions)

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